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How to See the World in All its Dimensions

Our senses can only perceive a three dimensional world. In our minds, we inhabit a three dimensional world, but the "real" world is more complex than that.

Is this frightening?


It just takes a little getting used to, for some people. Especially if you, dear reader, have grown up with confidence in a way of seeing the world that seems to work and be "true".

What is truth?

Is "beauty" real, and worth pursuing?

These and other questions will be answered in these pages.

Usually, when someone opens a door, the great fear is that there will be too many more doors on the other side and through any of these doors one is sure to become lost. But here I can promise that my reality is a closed system and all doors return back to where you are.

The structure of this 4-D WWWeb site.

Imagine being inside a cubical room, with four walls, floor and ceiling. Through each of these is a door to six adjoining rooms. There is also an opposite room, that can be reached from each of ths surrounding rooms, but not from this one.

In four dimensions there are eight separate orthogonal three-dimensional projections of the whole. These are like the eight cubes that bound a tesseract.

Imagine this Entrance Room of my WWWeb Site is a three dimensional space. You can move into an adjoining space in each of the usual six orthogonal directions. There are three pairs of opposite directions in a cube, but in a tesseract there are four.

These eight spaces are entire realities, or ontologies. Within them, I have arranged my WWWeb site, to structure all the ideas I want to present, and to reflect the world as I experience it.


The Synthesis of the Dualities

The unification of competing Philosophies has been the aim of my thought-research. There is an underlying Truth to ALL the religions of the world. "Religions" are a few of the "ontologies" that groups of people hold, some like "Science" deny they are a "religion", but they are an "ontology", hence, there is also an underlying unity to Religion and Science. The strife that we humans create for ourselves derives, in part, from a limited perspective of reality. Our brain structure means that we can only experience three dimensions. We inhabit a four dimensional world, with the additional dimension being "life" itself. It is clearly an error in perception to remain stuck in a single three dimensional mind-set, or "reality". The most violent Religious disputes, represent the very same "reality", and derive their dispute from the way they deny the existence of alternatives.

The Real World

All Existence, both its existence, and all individuals' knowledge of it, can be logically arranged in four pairs of opposite "realities". These are single-view ontologies that are 3-d representations of the "real" 4-d universe. Most people have a multiplicity of combinations of these, which the Psycho-Sociologists call our Social Roles. They are arranged in four orthogonal dimensions, I call:
bimenions. To simplify the way we can think about this, I have suggested these are really in some way different, and even made a model where they are arranged side by side, like the eight cells of a tesseract. However, these eight "realities" are super-imposed on each other, and all exist simultaneously. The tesseract model, is really presenting eight "elevations" or views of the single four-dimensional "reality", and pairs of these views are looking from opposite directions.



We each have our individual ontology, which is the reality in which each of us exists. The eight suggested three dimensional projections of the underlying, living four dimensional world, are pure ontologies. Generally people are not aligned with one of these alone, but share a mixture. It is an interesting exercise to plot your own position within my tesseract. Of course we all start life at the Kids end of that bimension, and move, with time through the tesseract and end up at the Adult end. This is a cyclical passage through time, like the rotation of the world, that takes each person through the same path with overlapping paths.

Each individual, and each Society, needs to recognise the existence of these multiple dualities, and the multiplicity of combinations, that give everyone a personal ontology, all of which are valid. However, none is fully visible from any other.

Only by acknowledging them, will we achieve harmony in four dimensions, and balance between opposite directions. Journey with me through my own cyber-projection of Life, the Universe and Everything. Understand the underlying harmony that makes the "real" world the magnificently beautiful place we all should know it to be.

Tered stands for "Tetra- (or Tessa-) land", because of its four dimensions.
Understand the majesty of existence, unhindered by the frailty and limits of bodily senses.

This WWWeb site attempts to describe all I know of me and the world around me. I have been a "thinker" all my life, meeting everyone, knowing "everything" and understanding it all. Now, via CyberSpace, I can present my knowledge and my self in the 4-dimensional hyper structure that seems to suite it, and has made all this knowledge rational to me.

I call this site a THIC WWWeb site, Tesseractical Hyperspace In Cyberspace.

You may use this site in four ways:

  1. You may explore it by buzzing through its connected rooms, never going too far in any one, before going on to the next, to get a feel for the topology of the tesseract, or,
  2. you can project yourself onto it, like the psychologists say people do - after all, I am a typical guy in every way, except that due to chronic soft-tissue injuries, I have been able to do no more than observe and think and play phenomenological games with my own consciousness, or
  3. you can customise it, which is the purpose of both the hard copy and blank .html-code formats, making this your own answer and knowledge, linked to mine, to everyone else's and to the universe itself, or
  4. you can instantly acknowledge your sameness with me and with all existence at a cellular level and at the Universal.

Preface to the Introduction

The Preface to the Introduction is
The place where you, Dear Reader, start to know
Where I have been and where I plan to go.

To some, the way I write will seem a quiz,
And, so, to them, I write: This is no buis-
ness of yours.

                Now for you who stay, I show
The way I understand the world to flow;
Perhaps the same as yours, or hers or his.

On reading this, I hear you asking, "Whom
Am I reading?" Please! Let me answer so:
I've looked and listened since I left the womb
And now I know what's "yes" and what is "no".
Perhaps I've much to learn before my tomb,
But I know Heaven above and earth below.


For years I have been working on what I used to call my "bubble theory", with some sort of super-imposed "bubbles" that were each a different combination of dimensions, and together described everything. Coming from a completely different direction, I stumbled upon this tesseractical web structure, and suddenly I saw that my "bubbles" were the cells of 4-D space. Now, all I have to do is find all those mountains of papers and fading disks with all the stuff I wrote before, and transcribe it to this new structure.

Each cell has its own topography. They should not be thought of as empty cells, with a few links and some direction to go. They represent the real world for me. The cell called "ON" is what exists to physicists, and I project its three dimensions onto a spherical geometry that has the earth's gravity system at its centre, and altitude plotted exactly as it is. In this reality, each person, each living cell, has its location in space. Each has its stored energy and moves as it moves.

In the Environment reality, this same topography holds, but the movement of energy can be observed and explained, in a way that the physicists will never understand. For in this world another type of energy exists, which we have adopted as our own and call "money". Yes, the Economy is an aspect of the environment. "But wait," some cry, "this site was green and environmental, and suddenly it is awash with money." Even if we accept the presence of the Economy, with its money energy, surely this will be the opposite of the environment? Indeed, in many ways, some of the opposites are not opposite at all, and other pairs would better be opposed. The point is, that some, if not all my separate worlds, can be bifurcated within themselves, for example, most people will have wondered why I don't have a Male/female pairing, but this is a false reading, in my opinion.

In each of the eight realities, or mind-sets, there is a separate topology, that superimposes onto the others. It may be, I believe possible, to more accurately map and hence predict human behaviour, with this structure, as movements in one reality affect those in others. They are at different scales, and have different constants and different forms of energy. The system obviously describes a world vastly larger than our senses and our sciences have so far discovered, so there should also be pointers to new directions for fruitful exploration.

The Tesseract

  1. Simple Description.

    A flat square is bounded by four line segments.
    A three dimensional cube is bounded by six squares
    A four dimensional tesseract is bounded by eight cubes.
  2. Links to great Tesseract sites

    Use your favourite search engine and be independent from my guiding hand :-)
  3. The Signpost

    There is a Zen story about a person who saw the hand pointing in the direction, and went up and sucked on the pointing finger instead of following the direction.
    I did that on my motorbike, years ago. Instead of taking the turning to Adelaide from Aldgate in the Adelaide Hills. I drove into the sign at high speed, thereby achieving a severe blow on the head.
    I woke up in hospital with retrograde amnesia. It took me ages to find out who I was. I had to start from first principles because I remembered nothing. I have ended up with an original way of looking at the world. Let me share some of it with you.

The Four Bimensions

Bimensional Analysis, as I call it, is the way I categorise all my knowledge. It may be useful to others. There seem to be four great polarities in our perception of reality.

But there are also some false, or apparent polarities. We all know about "good" and "evil", but they are a false distinction. They are simple mono-directional projections of underlying dichotomies. In the actual, "real" world, there is no "good" and "evil". They are just value judgements we place on things, depending on our personal point of view.

We can think of each bimension as a direction like up and down, and it is because they have this polarity or 'endedness" that I have split them into separate cells. Indeed, this pairing of opposing cells seemed so natural to me as soon as I thought of it, that everything just seemed to fall into place. I have revised some of my earlier definitions, and welcome comments from others. Here is only a brief description, which I hope to publish in book-form eventually.


Within a static, cold dead world, a three
Dimensional reality would fit.
But life exists, and so the would is lit,
And sees itself suffused with energy.

That fourth dimension, known to some as Ch'i,
Gives eight realities, each with 3-D t'
'o form four ax(l)es, with ends that are split;
Each pair negates its mate's polarity.

Opposing cold, dead science we find Art,
(while Architecture tries for unity);
Each moment, we all die and then restart;
If you're a kid, an adult you can't be;
Here! . . Outer World! Thought by my inner part:
My Bimensional Analysis of Me.

Three of my axes seem really self evident.

  1. I refer to the great distinctions between "Art" and "Science". These are both perceptions and manipulations of the hard, material world of physical substance, without the addition of "life", what ever that is. Science denies the existence of any "life force" while Art takes it for granted, but remains grounded int he material world. (Art objects are things!) This distinction has formed the basis of much Philosophical debate for centuries. It is represented by the split between the "a priori" world known within the conscious mind, and the empirical world that we can sense, and with which we can interact, perhaps with free will.
  2. The Psychological division between the "child" and "adult" in all of us. In a way this also represents the passage of time. In my most detailed model, I use polar co-ordinates, and let the whole model rotate about an axis so that this bimension is constantly, cyclically repeated. One cycle represents a life time for each person, but position is relative.
  3. Another pair of ways to view existence is to take "the self" as a nominal starting point, and then to progress either in or out. Inwardly, one progresses through levels of the "self", perhaps some identified with traditional concepts like "mind" and "soul" and "heart". Outwardly, we live within a succession of Environments, including the Natural, Built and Social environments.
  4. My fourth axis is the one that seems best to express the ideas of beginning and ending. However, I suspect that there is a genuine fourth distinction in the world that is genuinely represented by the gender distinctions we call Male and Female, but which perhaps are more politically correctly called Yin and Yang.

    The Boundaries between adjoining cells are not flat, but fractal. We can look through the boundaries between cells into other cells, we can even move into adjoining cells, or appear to be moving inside, because the boundary is not smooth, and so there are indentations where a person in one mode can interact with people from another.

    A more advanced way of imagining these cells is to superimpose them onto each other. We can actually imagine each cell being infinite in extent, and all existing at once, though we can only exist inside any one at a time. We know we live in a three dimensional world, so what is this other bimension? "Time" seems to exist within a couple of my bimensions, and I don't think that "time" is a "dimension" in the way that others are. I have always believed that our perception of time is quite different from the underlying reality. The extra bimension that I include is some sort of energy dimension. I equate it to the Chinese concept of Chi. Indeed, I am quite taken by the ease of representing my eight cells by the eight trigrams that are used in Feng Shui


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