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The Magic and Creative Mind.

For a time a Sailor off the Norwegian coast, then a student in the central Himalayas, ever a
Poet and Philosopher, now a Trainee Wizard.

Page Contents:


Bright Eye Spell

For: Vision and to Vanquish Red Eye.

A Water Spell with ritual bath.
Directions: Fill small cauldron with pure water. Boil with fresh or dried Euprasia officianalis, commonly known as "Eyebright Tea".
When cool, plunge face into cauldron with eyes wide open, or bathe each eye using an eye-bath purchased from a pharmacy.

Happiness Spell

To: Overcome External Problems.

An Air Spell with ritual breathing.
Directions: Sit or rest in a still, relaxed, wakeful position (asana). Inhale and exhale air and think of time eternal or concentrate on a sacred word.

Knowledge and Wit Spell

To raise Consciousness and Unite with The All

A Fire Spell, with group ritual breathing.
Directions: Fill a hollow, tipless cone, with Cannabis sativa or indica buds, and ignite. While burning, inhale smoke from tip of cone, and retain smoke within lungs for as long as possible, while thinking nothing or anything. Best done with other people.


Some of my feelings expressed, secrets revealed and life exposed.


For more poems go to my Sonnet page.

An Old Song of Mine

Oh! the waters flow
Through the tall, green grass.
I shall never know
What I do not ask.

If I just walk on,
And don't stop to grow,
I shall just walk on
While the waters flow.

Found Stuffed Up An Old Toy.

This was written when I was an infant
Some men die with their boots on,
Some men die in bed;
I don't care what I wear when I die,
'Cause when I die I'll be dead.

Heart and Soul

Are "Heart" and "Soul" concentric?
                              Don't say, "Not!"
In every healthy being, both exist
And for continued health they must persist
Throughout each life.
                    Or can one be forgot?
And be replaced by fear of Hell (that's hot!)  
                                          or (what rot!)
As some do, who to me have lost the gist
Of "core existence"  -  blinded by the mist
Of prejudice, and all the pain they've got.

Don't sell your soul, or give your heart away. To live authentically (if I am "me") Within my own persona I must stay. All people take responsibility For their own lives, and for their actions pay: You must own all of you, if you are free.

Norman F - Pollack April 1999




Hex You

To Say a WWWeb URL Fast

An Air Hex.
Directions: Instead of saying:
Double-u, double-u, double-u
for the start of a WWWeb Page Address
say: Hex You.

Simple arithmetic tells us that three times double something equals six of it, and hex means "six".



  • Are you a Chopped Poppy
    A support group for those who have suffered from Australia's evil "Tall Poppy Syndrome".
  • Here is something to distress "Skeptics": The world of the Physicist is just the hard, cold shell of the living world, In My Humble Opinion.
  • I am a Mensan, though most usually lapsed. Even when un-financial, one never ceases to be a Mensan. Even people who have been expelled from Mensa are still Mensans. Perhaps you have to be eligible to be in it to understand it.

Advice for Those with Below Average Intelligence.

It is a shocking truism that half the population have below average intelligence, which is one of the problems with Democracy. Real Democracy has a care for minorities, and is not merely concerned with winning a majority vote for partisan policies.


The right to personal freedom in private is sacrosanct.
    This includes the right to:
  • (i) think any thought,
  • (ii) indulge in any sexual activity with any person as long as they are consenting adults,
  • (iii) consume any substance, whether a traditional food, a prescribed medication or a proscribed chemical, whether naturally occurring or not, and be responsible for my own safety, which right also includes the right to refuse to consume anything that may not be naturally occurring, such as genetically engineered foods,
  • (iv) maintain the land around my house in what ever state I enjoy it to be, including leaving it completely to nature,
  • (v) associate with whom ever I choose, and how ever many people I choose at any time
  • (vi) go anywhere that is not restricted private property, and be responsible for my own safety
  • ( vii) pursue my own personal path of self-enlightenment, as seems correct for me, and to live a totally authentic life at every moment of my existence, knowing that I only have one life and that I owe nothing to anyone that deserves to impinge on my rights to enjoy my own existence as I subjectively experience it to be, all the time being mindful that we are all part of a world ecosystem and also a local community, and that these rights also belong to every other living being, and no one has the right to a right denied to others.



The ultimate in twentieth century style is street fashion, looking totally chic but really just walking in from a back alley.

What is the Relationship between Religion and Magic?

Theatre began as temple ritual. The Creative Impulse has never been explained, despite being the subject so often of its own projection. All songs are hymns. All names are Sacred.
Refer to Footnote # 1 The distinction between the sacred and the profane is an Hellenistic error from Classical times.Refer to Footnote # 2All love is holy, and "Sin" is a constructed fabrication designed to maintain social control. You will find no place for such a concept in my THIC WWWeb site; all encompassing my universe is, there is no place within it for such idiocy.
  1. Herbal Remedies
  2. Tereditation

Footnote 1

Original footnote, created 5th January, 1998: One day I shall transform this into beautiful text, but writing it as I am on the keyboard in the office, instead of with a pen at home, I cannot put it into verse.


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