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The World of Tered as a Hard, Physical Object.

C o n t e n t s

The World as a Hard, Physical Object

In my Ontology, which I call Bimensional Analysis, "reality" is four dimensional. Our human minds can only perceive the world in three dimensions, so each person creates their own private 3-d ontology, that is an "elevation", "section" (Architectural terms) or view of the larger whole. Some of these coincide with one of the eight orthogonal projections of 4-d onto 3-d that make up the structure of this THIC WWWeb Site.

The ontology of science was adopted by the ancient Stoics and became the foundation of Roman Republicanism as against the Democracy taught in the Academy and practised in ancient Athens. We all still suffer from the bureaucratic traditions that still permeate our Government services, patterned on the Vatical Bureaucracy, a relic of its Imperial Roman origins.

Just as a 4-d tesseract can be seen from four pairs of opposite cubic views, so a cube can be seen from three pairs of opposite square views. In this hard, 3-d world, ruled by the Laws of Physics, there are three disciplines that seem to describe the world in its own way, and all are necessary to describe the world. These are The Law, Medicine, and Economics. The opposite paradigms, ontologies, hegemonies (call them what you wish) to these must include the Media, traditionally called "the fourth Estate", and the "Labour Movement", which must be acknowledged as a separate and significant perspective on existence; the way I see this opposite what I have called "the Economy" is really to see "Free Enterprise Economic Theory" on one side, and not merely Marxist Economics on the other, but the entire Socialist/Feminist ideology, of which left-wing Socio-Economics is a sub-set. The other 2-d bimension could be the most controversial, but may be where most people enter my structure. As this is the physical world, the main perspective all of us have of it is through our own physical bodies. But these are in two varieties, and it might be realistic to include "secret women's business" and "secret men's business" as the pair of opposite views, with Medical Science and Engineering being the main manifestations of the latter, while the former remains a mystery to me, a mere male. However, I believe equal status should be given to some uniquely feminine perspective of the real world, that might be partially body-centred but may also include some form of social engineering, equivalent to the different branches of material engineering that remain the favoured domain of men.

A Partial Critique of Science

Science fails badly on two counts


You are in the hard, dead world of "modern Science". It is a three dimensional world that obeys all the laws of Physics, contains everything "known" to science, and undeniably exists. It is not an alternative to those who speak about "alternatives" but one of many aspects of the world.
No matter what my dear Sceptic friends say, they all have an inner world, and all inhabit a diversity of living environments, and neither of these are explicable to Science; look at the absurdities in "Cognitive Science" and the equally hopeless grasping of the Phenomenologist. Everyone has been a child, and some become mature adults, but to Science, childhood is an aberration to be quickly passed through and although a fair number do manage adulthood, the number of single men in Mensa, the archetypal male/androgenous nerd, the lone, "mad Scientist" all speak of the isolation of these people from their adjoining realities. How less likely are they to ever experience beauty, the antithesis of logic.

Perhaps in this cell more than the others, my extra pair of "in" and "out" need further explanation, but I shall refrain on the basis that to find out for oneself leads to true knowledge but to be told only leads to knowing that knowledge exists. There are true secrets, that will always be hidden to science.


Some problems with this limited view of life.

My Alone Poem

Alone within my inner mind I sit,
While round me is a world I see and feel
And smell and taste, and which I know is real,
But in which I don't ever seem to fit.
Some foods I eat and love, you think are shit,
And for me, your food would not be a meal,
But its not food that prompts this little schpiel,
But thoughts I should retain, bit I'll not quit.

The Social Engineers who rule the State Have made a world for us that is not true: The world is fractal, "real" lines are not straight. The world we share, the world that's made by you, Is not my inner world! So, its my fate: To live within a world no others knew.

Norman F - Pollack May, 1999


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