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The fact you have come this far means you have understood this logical arrangement of the eight cells in a tesseract. I hope you experienced the harmony in four dimensions, and balance between the opposite directions in my four orthogonal bimensions.
Journey on through Life, the Universe and Everything. Now you understand the underlying harmony that makes the "real" world the magnificently beautiful place we all should know it to be.

Tered stands for "red earth", because of its life giving properties. The first recorded philosophical question concerned how the earth could grow into life, and it is the single cellular animal forms, that make dry dust into red earth, that I dedicate this knowledge.

I leave it to each of you to fill into this structure your own interpretation of the majesty of existence.

This THIC WWWeb site attempted to describe all I know of me and the world around me. I have been a "thinker" all my life, meeting everyone, knowing "everything" and understanding it all. Perhaps this is the unique benefit I have enjoyed to compensate for a life of inactivity.
Now, via cyberspace, I have presented my knowledge and my self in the 4-dimensional Hyperspace structure that seems to suite it, and has made all this knowledge rational to me.

Cyberspace is safe. That is why it is so popular. At any time you can pull out the plug, fling off the glasses, helmet, hood or eyes and be back where?

If you want orthogons of higher dimensions, there is an endless stream of them wrapping round each other in ever increasing complexity, though each time adding just two more n-cells.

More on my model, which I don't think I have put down any where else.

I see my world in this four dimensional way all the time. My three dimensional, hard, world, rotates in space. It travels in time from East to West, as the world rotates. I cannot explain how this apparent mapping of the time dimension onto the East/West spacial dimension works, but it seems to for me. The Einsteinian 4-D Space-Time-Continuum has two of its dimensions concurrent in my model. The fourth dimension that I understand is "live" itself. There is this phenomenon, that seems like a dimension to me, which I have included in my model.

If you think of the map of the world, or our local region, as it moves east through time and space, instead of the "altitude" dimension, the distance from the centre of the Earth, it is possible to imagine everyone on a "life" dimension, depending on how much "life-force" they have and with movement that corresponds to changes in this "life force". Of course, my way of evaluating people is rather subjective, but it does seem to work for me. In my model, there are a few types of energy, that flow around this model, one of them being the virtual substance called "money" which means that my model doubles as an Econometric model of The Economy. (My ultimate aim in my academic life has been to derive a model of the Economy from a descriptive model of society, using a physicists description of the energy transfers and storage that comprise people and peoples.

This model is mapped, onto a spherical surface, though for a region the result is equivalent to Cartesian space, but the polar co-ordinate can be flipped over. This is particularly apposite for the traditional two-class monetary system, where the boundary between the classes is like a liquid core-surface of a spherical planet (fractal, of course).

Each time one of my four dimensions is omitted, a three dimensional idea of the world results. Our brains can only think three dimensional worlds (with ease), so these models are ideal for our brain to think represent the whole, real world. Some people can easily move round different ones of these three dimensional models, but, sadly, many people only live in one, thinking that it is the totality. Of course, we all progress through time, and the extremes of that are the projections of childhood and old-age, which are the two extremes of that bimension. Every instant we are constantly ceasing to be and being reinvented, according to the momentum of everything else in the universe, with which of course we and everythign must constantly be in balance. Any imbalance translates to more momentum. What a chaotic world we live in!

Good Bye!

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Final word: If it seems so obvious now, that you can't believe I have told you anything you didn't know before, then I guess there can be no better sign that what I write is true.

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