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My Environment

We live in a succession of concentric environments. We each have a room of our own (or should have, according to Virginia Wolfe) with four walls, floor and ceiling, though perhaps we share it with a sibling, spouse or a whole extended family. Even within that we each have a bed each night, and round our room might be a house. Each of us is part of a family, and a species, as well as being part of an ecosystem. Sadly, most people don't seem sensitive to being part of their local ecosystem. These are all our environments. In some of these Nature might live freely. All of this is happening within this gravity system we call our planet Earth, really just a huge drop of molten iron. And our planet is itself part of a greater, spinning system, that spins yet again in harmony with something larger. Yet all this multiplicity of worlds is not the totality of all that exists. Besides the totality of everything that exists in the "real world", there is the inner world of mind.

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The Natural Environment

Where I live.
The only meaningful "real" environment is Nature.
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