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The multi-dimensional InterNet realm of
Naum Tered
where dualities are united and the irreconcilable coexist.

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in Four Dimension
I live in a five dimensional universe, time and four pairs of opposing directions that I call 'bimensions'. They include all knowledge within four unconnected pairs of opposite three dimensional realities. Human experience can then be understood in discrete but symultaneous existences, that are incompatible, but yet all true and valid within their own ontological framework. The incompatible are thus reconciled and there is a synthesis of the dualities.


This structure within CyberSpace was created at the start of the Millenium, when the InterNet was still new and unexplored and when Virtual Reality was still Science Fiction. I imagined that in CyberSpace we could enter the three-dimensional world that we looked at on a flat screen through a window.

This site, called Tered, was my attempt to explore what it would be like moving between three dimensional realities, as we might move around the two dimensional, flat, orthogonal sides of a cube.

Ways of looking at the world.
It is my belief that our physical universe is a four dimensional phenomenon that moves through time) and that the three dimensional universe that we all perceive is actually just our perception.

This is best understood by thinking of us living in a two dimensional universe. This has been often used as a way of thinking, including ‘Flatland’, and other fictional and educational descriptions. If this two dimensional world is just our perception of the three dimensional universe that actually exists, then it would be like looking at the world on the sides of a cube, where there are six ways of looking at the same reality, but seeing it as a flat, two dimensional realm.

If this analogy holds, then our three dimensional perception of the underlying four dimensional universe would actually exist in eight different forms, equivalent to the six sides of the cube. An alternative interpretation would be to see the three orthogonal directions that form the basis of Cartesian space as looking at the unbounded world rather than on the side of a cube, but accepting that this view, while in the same linear direction can be viewed in two, opposing ways, so that there are six orthogonal directions, with our analogy giving us eight three dimensional universes, that are all simultaneously existing in four pairs of opposites.

It is necessary to see one and minus one as two different forms of unity. The entire Number Line is derived ‘a priori’ from the successive addition of unity to non-existence, and the further manipulation of the so-created ‘positive integers’. While this Number Line can be extended to include the infinitude of negative numbers, in many relationships there Is no negative equivalent, or the positive and negative relationships are separate and distinct, often mirror images of each other, rotations, or other symmetries. It is only in our simple minds that we think of the number-continuum extending through ‘zero’ but the truth is that it extends out each way from this central point that is actually non-existence itself; our perception of ‘zero’ as a ‘number’ is to ascribe existence in some ontological form to the essence on non-existence. This is one of the flaws in the Logical System that purports to deduct ‘reality’ from First Principles.

Having accepted unity and negative unity as separate entities, in the same way we can accept positive and negative electrical and magnetic charges as different, but related entities, then we can go on the understand the square root of unity has four different forms. While the square of unity is unity, as are all the ‘powers of one’, the reverse perception produces quite a different landscape because there are four forms of Unity that can be squared to give us the same unity. Now, however, we must include the square root of minus one as also existing as a valid ontological manifestation of Unity.

In Mathematics it is quite common, if not almost universal, to include the number line based on this pair of forms of unity: square root of minus one and negative square root of minus one, and to do calculations in Electronics using oscillating circuits and fields of electromagnetism, one must use what are called ‘complex numbers’, as if this dimension actually existed in our real world, though we are unable to sense it directly with our physical senses. It is not unreasonable to believe that the actual, real, ‘material’ universe that we somehow exist within (and in ways and for reasons that are beyond present human knowledge we are able to ‘know’ about) includes this higher ‘unreal’ dimension.

This necessitates a tesseractical world-view rather than our existing cubic perception of our environment. Having eight different ways to perceive this within our three dimensional minds, means that we all have these different ‘universes’ to inhabit, and more important they come in four pairs of opposites. This is why so many people hold world-views that are inimical to what some other people believe is the only true, possible reality. It is like looking into one facet of a cut gem, while the other facets reflect different views of the surroundings in a kaleidoscope of apparently different realities, while only the truth, the essence of the whole, lies within.

My life seperated into eight realms that connect round the faces of a tesseract.

We all live two lives: our private, inner mental life and our public existence as one person amongst many.

Within My Self

My Social World

The great division in human knowledge is between the Arts and the Sciences. Most people are either literate or numerate. Either we base our knowlege on the 'feel' of subjective, empirical experience, or we reason our beliefs from 'a priori', objective, mental experiences.

Left brain versus right brain according to some, or a fundamentsl division into Yin and Yang. These two ways of comprehending existence face in opposite directions.

Science and Engineering

The Arts

We progress through life. Two of the Cells in this Tesseract-shaped site are devoted to In and Out. They can be 'birth' and 'death', or the 'Being and Nothingness' of existence.

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